Natural Baby Pros Spotlight 2011

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Thank you for your interest in my classes. I have been teaching this wonderful choice of childbirth education since 2003. HypnoBirthing™ promotes the idea that childbirth can and should be a joyous, calm and natural experience.

The goal of this method is not to sell “pain-free labor” or “drug-free labor”, the goal is to educate and empower moms and birthing companions to make decisions which will lead them toward an easier, safer and more comfortable birthing, together. HypnoBirthing™ moms learn to be relaxed and trust their bodies, throughout the labor and birthing process, regardless of the circumstances.

Needless to say, whether you’re a first time expecting mom or you’d like to improve on a previous childbirth experience, you might consider HypnoBirthing™ for your next baby.

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